Chiropractic Pre-Natal / Pregnancy / Post-Natal Care in Austin, TX - Lakeway Spine Center


Dr. Andrea and the therapists at Lakeway Spine Center use advanced physiotherapeutic and manual therapy techniques to eliminate pain and restore normal biomechanics to painful joints. Chiropractic Care helps women get well and stay well – before, during, and after their pregnancies!

Dr. Andrea is skilled in caring for pregnant women and has had tremendous results in decreasing both pre- and post- natal discomfort. She uses a table designed with the pregnant patient in mind. It has a section that can be lowered at the abdomen to make room for the belly while still supporting the patient from below. This allows the expectant mother to be able to lie face down, even in the last trimester, without discomfort during treatment!

Research has shown that women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy generally have shorter labor and delivery times and an easier recovery, than those who do not.

Issues Commonly Treated During Pregnancy

Plantar Fascitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hip Pain / I-T Band Syndrome
Generalized Low Back Pain
Pubic Symphysis Pain
Round Ligament Syndrome
SacroIliac (S-I) Joint Dysfunction