Dr. Andrea’s Chiropractic Care Changed My Life

Going to Lakeway Spine Center has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m an active and healthy person but was suffering from daily pain in my lower back and hips. I would get out of bed and be unable to stand upright or move around until I laid on ice! Unfortunately, degenerative discs in the lower back run in my family. From my very first meeting with Dr. Andrea, I felt a sense of relief and hope.

If I had to summarize what I have come to appreciate most about Dr. Andrea it is that 1) she is a patient listener and has an amazing understanding of the mind/body connection, 2) she is truly skilled at her practice and made me feel at ease many
times as my on-going pain has deeply concerned me, and 3) she has created an environment that is calming, healing, and buzzing with positive energy from her friendly and courteous staff.

Patient Testimonial

I honestly look forward to every visit!

In my first appointment, Dr. Andrea listened to my history, asked pertinent questions and in my case, recommended an MRI. After assessing the results of the MRI, she determined spinal decompression was my best course of action. Soon after, she suggested adding massage therapy. As she explained, the pain in my hips was related to the pain in my back and had to be
slowly peeled back like an onion.

All I can say is the combination has been miraculous for me! My pain is gone and I can spring right out of bed in the morning. I rarely have a need to lay on ice unless I’ve over done it.

Early on, we would discuss my progress on each visit and she was
even able to suggest very practical things such as specific exercises or the right pillows to use in bed, all of which made a difference! I am now on a monthly maintenance program of spinal decompression and massage and my 55 year-old body feels fantastic!

Not to sound cliché, but Dr. Andrea’s healing skills and chiropractic care have changed my life, and anyone who has gone from pain to no pain understands what that means!

Lastly, before visiting Dr. Andrea, I had never had a massage, and was just uncomfortable with the idea of it. I am now a true believer in the significance and healing qualities of clinical massage therapy.

Karli, my massage therapist, is BEYOND amazing! Like Dr. Andrea, she carefully listens to me as I explain where I’m feeling pain and then addresses it during the session with skill and strength. Her understanding of the muscles of the human body is
extraordinary, and dare I say, her hands are magical.

A heart-felt thank you to Dr. Andrea, Karli and the whole staff at Lakeway Spine Clinic!

-Mimi Donohue (Patient since March 2017)

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