When many patients first come to my office, they are experiencing pain that is almost constant.  It might be at minimal or severe level but it is usually present.  As we start working on the spinal and muscular structures, the pain then lessens in intensity and in frequency.  That is the time that we can look for patterns to the pain.  When the pain is constant, it’s hard to tell what the daily triggers might be.  As the body is healing, patterns start to rise to the surface.  Patients may notice that it hurts each morning upon waking, or while driving, or at the end of the day, or while playing sports, or while holding their children, or while working at the computer… At this point, we can start fine tuning the positions of these activities to maximize healing.  Without knowing the patterns to pain, it’s easy to continue irritating the area of the body that is trying to heal.   All those pieces of the puzzle of wellness are important – we will work together to optimize your health!