Symptom Retracing

Often in my office, I will work with a patient who originally comes in for help with a specific issue, let’s say neck pain on the right side.  As we start working together, utilizing the therapies in our office, the patient begins to get better… but then, they notice that the left side of their neck is bothering them in a similar way to how the right side used to feel.  This can be frustrating to the patient because they feel like they’re falling apart.  To me, it’s a great sign that their body is healing!  You see, the brain will focus only on what feels the worst.  Otherwise, we would be continually overstimulated.  As someone starts to notice discomfort somewhere else, that is a sign of major healing in their body.  This is due to symptom retracing.  This is a process that occurs in the body while healing.  The last symptom to come on is typically the first to exit out.  Then, the body works backward to unravel the symptoms in the order in which they came on.  Chiropractic and Massage Therapy work to correct the underlying issues in the body, not just to get rid of symptoms.  As we get to the deeper layers of the problem at hand, the patients overall health and wellness can finally get to the next level!

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